Hi! I'm Goose.

A web developer and just a guy who loves pretty birds.

Try Goose-parser right now!

How does it work?

Who is mr. Goose?

  • Goose will parse Internet for you

    It is ready to extract any site you want. It can even handle websites with lots of user interaction, such as clicking, waiting, typing, etc.

  • Goose knows how to do it simple

    We spent a lot of time improving parsing rules, so now they look very simple and obvious. When you’ve read the documentation, it will require only about 10 minutes to add a parser for a website.

  • Goose habits on GitHub

    This is an open source project and anyone can contribute and improve it. Yes, Goose is young, but he already stands on his own feet. One of the reasons he can do this is the attention paid to testing and code quality.